Dope Sick Reality Check

My wife (Wendy Weil, DPM) and I recently watched the docudrama on HULU called Dope Sick.  

I initially was resistant to watching it as I don’t want to spend time on bad news and things I’ve already learned in the media.  Boy, was I surprised.

I was immediately drawn in by the story and countless ways that Big Pharma duped doctors and patients and the human destruction that followed.

While I never prescribed Oxycontin (the main character of the story), the whole thing resonated with me….in a not so positive way.

I’ve been a reluctant prescriber of narcotics throughout my career and have found alternative options that have served my patients well.

This week’s video talks about the show and what I’m doing for my patients.

You will see how easy it is to fall into a trap based on marketing. We should all question the veracity of what salespeople tell us and make sure we are doing right by our patients.

Have a great week.